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In 15 minutes or less per week, discover who you really are and make meaningful, lasting changes over time. 

Unlock your true purpose through a journey inward. Gain community support by connecting with like-minded women. Make meaningful, lasting change through small, manageable weekly journaling prompts and challenges, group coaching, and other tools and practices to finally feel at home in your mind, body, and life.
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It's time to let go of doubt and confusion for good.
It's time to claim clarity, permission, and purpose.
It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed and stuck.
It's time to create a legacy and become an example of what's possible.
It's time to break down old paradigms of judgment and comparison and step into the paradigm of wholeness.
It's time to get out of survival mode and start living life intentionally.
 It's time.
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Weekly Journaling and Challenges 

You're a busy woman. This work is designed to fit into your life and help you find your purpose in 15 minutes per week or less. 


Topics include:



Getting unstuck

How to expand and collapse time

The art of living well



And so much more!

Monthly Lessons

Join me for monthly lessons on all things mindfulness, mindset, and spirituality.


My work is based in neuroscience, mindfulness, spirituality, and Embodied Healing Systems, and I am an experienced therapist, coach, author, and subject-matter expert on women's issues. My specialty is taking the complex and making it simple, easy, and intuitive for you. 


Can't make it live? All lessons are recorded for you to watch on your own time.

Monthly Q & A Calls

Questions about the lesson this month or anything else on your mind? This is the place to bring it! 


Learn from Amy and a community of brilliant, like-minded women. 


Leave feeling renewed, inspired, and connected. The value? Priceless.


Can't make the call or want to hear it again? I'll record it for you to watch any time.

Plus: A Growing Library of Bonus Content

  • A free digital copy of my Amazon best-selling book, The Way of the Peaceful Woman
  • Bonus companion e-book, Peaceful Body
  • Quick start guide so you never feel lost
  • Journaling how-to's
  • Daily and weekly time tools to help you expand and contract time at will
  • Intention setting guide
  • Bonus full-length course, Mindfulness Basics
  • And more!

Here is just some of what you'll discover in The Golden Room:

  • How to know with certainty who you are outside your accomplishments.
  • How to like who you are no matter what you achieve.
  • How to want what you already have and magnetize more of it.
  • How to live your purpose every day, no matter what's going on in your life.
  • Ways to set boundaries, create intimacy, and have more meaningful conversations that anyone can do.
  • How to make time work for you by expanding and compressing it at will.
  • How to find peace within yourself, no matter what's going on in your life or how many responsibilities you have.
  • Simple ways to feel confident and show up fully in your life.
  • How to stop doubting yourself for good.
  • How to stop trying to please others at your own expense.
  • How to try new things without feeling terrified.
  • How to be enough and do enough when life is crazy without losing yourself in the process.
  • How to finally find your tribe and grow a community of people you love to be around, even when your schedule is already jam-packed.
  • How to be gentle with yourself, even when you "screw up."
  • How to stop pushing down your emotions and develop the unshakable self-confidence that comes from welcoming all feelings.
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