Pleased to meet you! 

I’m Amy.


It takes one to know one.
As a high-performer myself, I know all about the shadow side of success. When you have it all, but it's at the expense of yourself, then really, you have nothing.


My highest purpose in life is to help women uncover their true purpose in life and live it fully.
I see this as indispensable to humanity's evolution, ending all forms of oppression, and raising the level of consciousness for all people.
I use my subject-matter expertise and years of experience facilitating profound, meaningful change, along with my intuition, energetic gifts, and my own lived experience to be your mentor, teacher, and guide.
I care deeply for my clients. I'm here to help you find your purpose, your truth, and your authentic self.
I'm here to help you understand your worth and worthiness so you can step into your full power and use it for good.
We're not here to make you less of yourself. We're here so you can be more.
My approach is open-hearted, compassionate, and direct with plenty of humor in the mix.
My job is to be a mirror that allows you to see where your shadow is running the show by reflecting your light back to you. Together, we will dismantle the conditioning that feeds your limiting beliefs and stories that you're not worthy.
To that end, I operate on the foundational principle that you are the expert on yourself and there is nothing to fix because nothing is broken. 
Women in leadership have the power and positioning to create meaningful change in the world, but they can't do it if they're burnt out, have no space, and just trying to survive in their own lives. 
My purpose is to help you find and live yours. 

What I love about what I do

It is my privilege to work with the most incredible, brilliant, and innovative women.
I love being a guide to help women take their own power back, heal societal and familial conditioning, and to understand that they are an aspect of God and God is an aspect of them.
I love helping women to finally enjoy their relationships, step into self-worth and self-confidence, and live according to their own Divine design.
I love giving the world and humanity the gift of women living according to their true nature, at their highest, most authentic selves. 
I love being an inclusive ally dismantling all forms of fear and self-hatred in my clients, which leads them to create meaningful change and impact toward a more just, loving, and peaceful world.
If you're ready to take the next step, click below to learn about Pressure to Purpose, my 6-month coaching program.

Pressure to Purpose

1:1 Coaching

Stop diminishing yourself and step into your purpose and full feminine power.
Arrive and settle into your truth and your highest vision.
Claim your most integrated existence.
Join me in my 6-month coaching container and discover:
Who you really are
What you really want
How to have and be it all*
*"It all" means anything that's in alignment with your true nature and highest self and nothing that's not.
If we want to be a true, benevolent force for good in this world, if we want our leadership to make a true impact, then we need to take a look at all the ways in which we're living in shadow, trying to force and control, and not allowing ourselves to be seen and heard first.
The world we live in is a direct reflection of our own inner world...of who we are. 
My purpose is to help you find and live yours. 
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