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For Coaching Applicants:

I only work with coaching clients that are a fantastic fit and can truly benefit from what I have to offer.
I encourage you to check out the coaching page on this website as well as my, book, articles, newsletter, and social media to be sure you truly resonate with my work and message.
This application is for those that are truly ready to commit to their personal growth and evolution.
If this is you, please complete the application below in full.
I will be notified when your application has been completed and will personally respond to set up a time for a consultation call.
Please note that although this is a free consultation session to see how we work together, I am not trying to sell you on anything.
This session is information for both of us -- nothing more, nothing less.
Pressure has no place here in this work.
As you can tell from the name of my program, pressure is what we're turning our consciousness away from.
And I respect you too much to put you in an awkward situation.
I always give my best and highest, whether it's the first of many times we will speak or the only one. 
Therefore, I will be showing up to coach you from the first time we speak.
The purpose of the consultation is to give us both clarity.
If it's not a fit, I will offer you suggestions on next steps. 
I invite you to consider what possibilities are awaiting you in this moment, in this opportunity.

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