Pressure to Purpose:

A Private, Premium

Integrative Coaching Program

You are meant to have it all.
"It all" means anything that's in alignment with your true nature: your highest and most authentic expression of you and your aliveness.
Freedom exists when we are in our purpose, self-trust, and knowing. 
Freedom exists when we move out of scarcity and into dignity and self-possession.
What would your life look like if you were no longer operating from fear and not-enoughness?
How would you feel if you could loosen your grasp on the need to prove yourself to be acceptable to others?
I'm here to be your facilitator and guide on your journey toward your higher power and higher purpose.
I will help you to reclaim your time, relationships, happiness, and pleasure. 


I will shine a light on the places where you're living in shadow (patterns of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and scarcity) by reflecting your best and highest back to you.

I will ask the hard questions that allow you to discover and then embody your true self in everything you are and everything you do. 


I will help you to develop a whole new paradigm around life, love, and purpose: you 2.0.

Step into your worth and deservingness.
Step into self-confidence.
Become the embodiment of a person who values and accepts themselves fully.
Deepen your relationships, expand your capacity for intimacy and connection.
Be a powerful and trusted leader. 
Learn how to show up with dignity and integrity and finally find meaningful, sustainable, lasting change and true freedom.
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Leading psychotherapist and Embodied Healing Systems Practitioner is now offering an integrative coaching and mentorship program to help you make lasting, meaningful change, discover your true purpose, and be supported every step of the way. 


Amy is a powerful change-maker, transforming the lives of her clients for 17 years as a psychotherapist and writer and now as an Embodied Healing Systems Practitioner and integrative life coach.


This is not psychotherapy but is life-changing work utilizing cutting-edge mindfulness, mindset, and nervous system repatterning tools, done in a sustainable, robust, and calibrated way.

(To learn more about my psychotherapy practice, please click here.)

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Intimate. Supportive. Sacred.


I work in partnership with sensitive, ambitious leaders who are ready for personal transformation.


My clients are high-performers who value integrity, self-discovery, and authenticity.
They work best when challenged by someone who is compassionate, highly attuned, and also holds gentle space for their humanity.


They're incredible humans who self-identify as people-pleasers, over-functioners, and perfectionists in academia, STEAM fields, and corporate. 
Their lives look great on paper, but they go through their days feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out.
If you are:
  • Functioning at a high level with a demanding career and personal life but still don't feel fulfilled
  • Feeling like there's no margin for error and no space for you to take up in your own life
  • Someone who is always keeping your eyes on your goals and your obligations but has completely lost sight of yourself
  • A self-identified high-achiever who has been told your whole life by your family and/or society what you need to do to achieve excellence, and now you're starting to question it all
  • Coming from a high-expectation, high-pressure family or culture where success was always the expectation and failure was not an option
  • Feeling like you were meant for more or have a greater purpose in life but have no time to figure out what that might be and no idea how to start
  • Unable to show up with the people you love the most in ways that allow for intimacy and connection, and you're questioning whether you're even capable
  • Not able to fully trust yourself and also feel like you can never rely on others
  • Appearing confident on the outside but feeling like an imposter on the inside
  • In a constant state of overwhelm, urgency, and exhaustion during the day and completely checked out when you finally log off at night
...then this is for you. 


I see you there: a person who deeply desires to be supported, understood, considered, attuned to, and heard.


You should know our work together isn't about fixing "flaws," getting to the bottom of what's really "wrong" with you, or twisting yourself into a pretzel so you can fit some societal construct of desirability and finally feel happy.




It's about gently and compassionately removing the barriers that block you from living in alignment with your true nature.
It's about infusing meaning and integrity into everything you do and are.


Learn to love and honor every part of you without sacrificing your drive for excellence.


Learn how to live your purpose without losing yourself in the process.

It's time.


In our work together:

You will learn to step into your true power as a thought leader, visionary, and innovator for good.
I will guide you to bring sustainability, consciousness, and purpose to every area of your life.
You will release old conditioning and learn who you truly are meant to be and who you are not so you can get what you want out of life and not worry about losing it.
I will use my 17 years of professional expertise and own lifetime of lived experience and break down highly-specialized tools into simple, easy-to-understand terms and practices anyone can use.
You will find confidence and clarity in creating meaningful, lasting change in the areas of your life where you have felt helpless, frustrated, or stuck.
I care deeply for my clients. My approach is open-hearted, compassionate, and direct, with lots of humor sprinkled in. 


I guide you through every phase of the process with private, 1:1 integrative life coaching sessions and daily (M-F) access to me via text and voice notes so you will always have me at your fingertips with clear steps to move forward and celebrate all your wins along the way.

Together, we will dismantle paradigms of oppression that feed you limiting beliefs and hold you back from peace, purpose, and prosperity.

I'm not here to make you less of yourself or try to make you into someone you're not. I'm here so you can be more and live to your full potential.


When you thrive, humanity itself benefits.

Those in leadership have the power to create extraordinary impact and change in the world, but they can't do it if they're burnt-out, overwhelmed, and uncertain of who they are outside of their achievements.
My purpose is to help you find and live yours.
Are you ready?


The Pressure to Purpose Foundations:

A tool to get you where you want to be quickly and sustainably. Learn these tools now, use them forever.

My framework sits at the intersection of mindfulness, mindset, nervous system repatterning, and spirituality. 

I am a subject matter expert in each of these domains, and together, they are the foundation for a life well-lived.

When it comes to my clients breaking free of their own mental prisons, developing an unshakable sense of self, and breaking old patterns that no longer serve them for good, I have a 100% success rate.

Integrate your past into wisdom, and it will never become your future. 

Share your gifts with the world, but never at your own expense.

Learn to give and receive love fully and with your whole being.

While this framework has been the for profound, lasting change in my clients, it is not the expert on you.

You are the expert on yourself.

You don't fit neatly into a box, and neither should our work together.

My approach is completely custom to your unique needs to help you to tap into your truth and purpose, forge your unique path, and unlock inner freedom. 


Life-Changing Insight

Amy consistently delivers life-changing insight! She is the real deal and truly does her own work and is an example just in her energy and how she shows up. She is deeply spiritual, compassionate and loving and has challenged and motivated me while I've been dealing with several hardships in my life. She has opened my eyes to many things I never thought were possible and am now living! If you're interested in making true, lasting change in your life, Amy will speak to your heart and help you see the potential in yourself as well as the big picture. She is truly one of a kind!


...In Ways I Never Dreamed Possible

My life felt off track and I was struggling to cope. That’s when I found Amy Beth Acker.  She exuded warmth, understanding, and female positivity, which was exactly what I wanted. Like so many women do, I prioritized everyone else before myself. I am healing and growing in ways I never dreamed possible, all thanks to Amy’s guidance.  Of course, this path to wellness has not always been easy, but you never do it alone.  She does not just talk the talk, but she walks the walk with you, often sharing insights from her own emotional and spiritual journey.  I am so grateful that Amy has shared her wisdom and talents with me and my family and I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in becoming the best, most authentic version of themselves to sign up for her services. She is clearly born to do this work and cares deeply about her clients. You will not regret it, as the ways in which your life will change are truly priceless! 

- Kerry

Meaningful Changes

Amy is a passionate, intuitive, honest mentor who provides a safe environment for women to make meaningful changes in pursuit of their authentic self.


People I work with include:

  • Leadership in international, multi-million dollar brands
  • Top-performing professionals in science, academia, and technology
  • Visionaries and innovators

Results I've gotten for powerful people like you:

  • Marriage revived and true intimacy and connection achieved (without the partner needing to change at all!)
  • Getting hired and then flourishing and exceeding all expectations in a dream job after navigating imposter syndrome
  • Consistently receiving substantially higher marks than any other team for culture and leadership
  • Career upleveled while personal life was also upleveled with ease: new friends, travel, and a high-level promotion at the same time without overwhelm
  • Long-standing body-image issues released with nervous-system repatterning and mindset tools
  • Setting boundaries with family members that actually led to more closeness and connection than ever before
  • Relationships with kids that put an end to ancestral trauma patterns and feel easy and joyful
  • Ability to experience true intimacy, connection, and reciprocity in relationships
  • Healing inter-generational patterns of dysfunction and trauma, thereby creating a cascade of healing for all the next generations
  • Moving into higher salaries and titles without feeling they have to give more and more


Pressure to Present Integrative Coaching Program

I tailor my integrative life coaching program to fit your needs and create meaningful, lasting change. 

Though my methods are informed by my expertise as a psychotherapist, this is not psychotherapy. 

In psychotherapy, the work is limited to the session. We do not speak or do work outside of it. Psychotherapy is about healing and treating mental illness, not about reaching specific life goals and self-actualization.

In coaching, you have me available to support and guide you any time you need it. No waiting a week or two to get support and guidance. Voice or text message me or email me any time. I check my messages daily M-F. This freedom and flexibility will supercharge your results.

I show up fully for my clients, give them my best and highest, and trust that they're here to do the same.

My clients understand the power of coaching and mentorship and are willing to invest in their vision with their time, energy, and resources.

Though I offer practical tools and knowledge you can start using right away, my intuitive gifts, wisdom, and insights are what my clients are really investing in. 

My clients regularly tell me about the profound changes they see in themselves through our work together, and I welcome clients who are ready to take their lives and careers to the next level.

My methods are honed over 17 years of professional and personal development and they are unique to me.

Let's get started with a private, premium 1:1 experience customized completely for you.

The first step is to click the link below to set up a time for your free, no-pressure consultation. If you're READY, I'm READY.


The Details:

  • Integrative coaching packages range from 1-6 months (I always recommend starting with a 6-month minimum, if possible and most of my clients like to work with me longer-term.)
  • Includes two (2) 50-minute 1:1 sessions via phone or Zoom per month
  • Includes unlimited (M-F) text and voice note support via the Voxer app
  • Lifetime access to a library of tools, support, and bonus teachings on mindfulness, mindset, and intentional living you can start using right away
  • Investment per month: $835
  • Investment per 6 months: $4,800