The Way of the Peaceful Woman: Awaken the Power of You, Create a Life You Love, and Set Yourself Free


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From the book:


This book is for every woman who feels stressed, burnt-out, frustrated, and/or stuck. It’s for every woman who puts the comfort of others, even strangers, before her own.

If you’re reading this book, you’ve likely experienced a crisis in your life. In fact, you may even be living one right now. Maybe it’s a test result that served as a wake-up call. Maybe it’s a crucial ball dropped at the worst possible time (like forgetting to pick up a child or blanking on a major deadline at work), or maybe it’s just a quiet voice that has grown increasingly insistent that things simply cannot go on this way.

These crises are life’s way of opening our eyes to what is no longer working for us in our lives. They are blessings in disguise alerting us to the fact that our priorities have gone off kilter. They help us to recognize that the physical, emotional or spiritual abuse we are inflicting on ourselves must change and it must change now.

As women, we are trained from an early age to not burden others with who we are. We are taught that if we are true to ourselves, we will harm others. Taking time for yourself means the people you love most will lose out. Speaking your truth means someone else will be disappointed. Most of us live our lives believing that it is impossible to be authentic and to live with personal integrity without alienating or hurting everyone around us.

That stops today.

This book is designed to help you move out of crisis and into peace. It will give you both concrete tools and new ways of thinking that will help you to recognize yourself for who you really are: powerful and whole with everything you need to create a life you love already inside you.

It is designed to help you prioritize your own needs, to get reacquainted with yourself, and to become the most authentic, peaceful, and joyful version of you. This book is a practice in renewal: literally the act of making yourself new again, repairing what is broken or no longer working, and starting over with fresh eyes and a fresh heart.

I honor you for opening your heart to what this book has to offer. It takes courage to believe that positive change is possible. Whatever happened in the past has been leading to this moment, and I’m glad you’re here as we begin our journey together.

* * *

There is a way to find peace and keep it for good.

If you’re a hard-working woman who struggles with perfectionism or people-pleasing, read this book and become awakened to new possibilities for your life.

With deep empathy, warmth, and humor, NYU-trained psychotherapist Amy Beth Acker, LCSW invites readers on a journey to explore what's possible in life and to create lasting mindset shifts.

In this book, you will:

  • Find tools that will help you gain clarity and change unhealthy thoughts and patterns

  • Learn how to become less anxious about the future and more present in the moment

  • Move beyond fears and start living with integrity

  • Manage difficult relationships and circumstances with ease

How would your life be different if you believed that nothing is too good to be true? Amy's recommendations are for the woman who wants to increase her quality of life and the quality of her relationships—particularly her relationship with herself.

As she reminds us throughout, "Our suffering is not only done to us, it's also done within us." The question then changes from "How can I experience peace in my life?" to "What am I doing to block the peace that’s already available to me?"

This book will help you to answer that question.

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